A Sense of Place – Carseldine Village Mural Completed


A Sense of Place – Carseldine Village Mural Completed

With some of the Stage 1 terrace homes nearing completion, we were able to start bringing some of the special placemaking projects planned at Carseldine Village to life.

Titled ‘A Sense of Place’, a mural by Sculley Designs, the colours, stencils, dots and other artistic symbols found on the artwork represent the calm and welcoming elements that make Carseldine Village a truly unique place.  These include a stylised representation of Cabbage Tree Creek, nearby wattle, and various groups of dots representing community.

The mural stands as a celebration, highlighting the beautiful place the village is, and will continue to become.

Special thanks to Sarah Sculley and her design team, and Vantage Homes Queensland for working with us in realising this project.

We invite you to watch the special time-lapse video put together.