Sustainable Homes – Solar and Battery Homes


At Carseldine Village we’re delivering a sustainable community with comfortable net zero energy emission freehold terrace homes.

Each terrace home will produce enough renewable energy to offset the home’s stationary greenhouse gas emissions, reducing emissions by at least 5 Tonnes per year when compared to an industry-standard home.

Every freehold terrace home will be delivered with:

  • A rooftop solar PV system – producing approximately 14kWh per day on average – combined with a 10.1kWh capacity Alpha ESS battery
  • A suite of sustainable technologies, including a heat pump hot water system and 5-star efficient Wi-Fi air-conditioning controlled via smartphone
  • Better thermal performance and airtightness (minimum 7-star NatHERS ratings), meaning lower heating and cooling costs and less emissions
  • A garage that is electric vehicle charger ready, pre-wired on a separate circuit, saving the owner a costly retrofit.